Life Science 1st & 2nd Nine Weeks

by Mr. Horvath


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Life Science

Thinking Like A Scientist

Thinking Like a Scientist Power Point

Observation Homework

Inferring Homework

Science Lab Report


Learning Target:  I will be able to label and describe the parts of an animal and plant cell.  I will also know the main cell theorist and what they accomplished.

Cell Power Point

Cell Pretest/ Study Guide

Animal, Plant and Bacteria


    Learning Target: I will be able to describe what an organism is and what it means to be a living thing.  I will also be able to identify and describe the three main types of organisms found in an ecosystem

Organisms Power Point

Difference Between Male/Female Milkweed Bugs 


 Learning Target: I will be able to define energy.  I will also be able to describe ways organisms can use energy. 

Energy Pre-Test


Where Does Food Come From?

Cheese Ball Label

Food Producers Experiment

Trophic Levels

Trophic Levels Worksheet

Measuring Food Energy Lab


Learning Target: I can identify and describe the differences between sexual and asexual reproduction.

Reproduction Pre-Test

Reproduction Power Point

Asexual Reproduction

Owl Pellet

Owl Pellet

Ohio Owls

Relationships among Organisms

Feeding Relationships/ Symbiosis Power Point

Feeding Relationships/ Symbiosis Pre-Test

Second Nine Weeks

Populations/ Limiting Factors

Populations/ Limiting Factors Power Point

Populations Pre-Test

Milkweed Bug Limited

Limiting Factors

Algae and Brine Shrimp Experiment

Mono Lake Study

Carrying Capacity 

Ecosystems/ Biomes

Biomes Pretest

Ecosystems and Biome Power Point

Life in a Community

Ecosystem Card Sort Results


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