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Tuslaw Elementary School PreK-4


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Tuslaw Elementary School

Bus Safety at TES!

Students at TES participated in our yearly bus safety drills.  Mrs. Earp our transportation director and several bus drivers came over and reviewed safety and exacuation procedures with our students.  Thank you to Mrs. Earp and all the drivers for their help today.  

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First Day for Student!

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Attention Parents!


As the school year begins, you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork that comes home.  We understand that this may seem excessive, however it all serves an important purpose.  One of the most important papers that will come home is the “Emergency Medical Form”.  We use this form for a variety of reasons, but one of the most important uses of this form is the security and safety of your child.  If your child would need to leave school early due to an illness, medical appointment, or any reason at all the emergency medical form is consulted.  The person that picks up a student MUST be listed on the emergency medical form.  So for example, if Mom and Dad are working and “Johnny” becomes sick.  Mom may send grandma or an aunt to pick up “Johnny”.  If grandma is not listed on the form, Tuslaw Elementary WILL NOT release “Johnny”.  This may seem strict, however your child’s safety is OUR #1 concern.  Therefore, please list as many family members or friends as possible that are allowed to pick up your child.  This will provide you flexibility throughout the school year.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the elementary office directly. 






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Tuslaw Elementary School
1920 Manchester Avenue N.W.
Massillon, OH 44647
Tel: (330) 837-7809 FAX: (330) 837-7810
Adam McKenzie, Principal


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